A short introduction of our construction company


Muusse & Vis Ltd. was established in 2000 and is officialy recognized as a construction company. It goes without saying that - experience and education wise - we have always been technical experts right from the start.

Our services mainly focus on the private housing sector where we do renovation or complete reconstruction projects. Because of our extensive and applied experience you can always count on our objective and benificial advice.

We will be your partner during the whole building project, starting at the drawing board and obtaining the appropriate building permits. We perform these services without interruptions and always take schedules and agreements into account.

We only use raw materials from suppliers that can provide factory guarantees. Any subcontractor we employ is an absolute champion in his own field of expertise. This way we can both promise and guarantee you the best work possible.

Whether you need pile driving, brickwork, electrical work, plastering, roofing or tiling, Muusse & Vis is your go-to supplier. Our workshop of more than 150 square meters houses up-to-date machinery and equipment.

If you want to find out how we can assist you with your building wishes, don't hesitate to contact us.